Analysis Of The Area’s Development Capacity

Analysis of the area's development capacity consist of:

  • Development of land development options.
  • Analysis of records and arrangements from planning documents that help in the initial determination of the dimensions of the potential investment.
  • Calculation of the demand for parking spaces and indicating the parameter occultation.
  • Occultation and insolation testing.
  • Examination of ground water conditions, which allows estimating additional implementation costs due to water level.
  • Analysis of infrastructure elements like the entry road and the utilities, which allows you to determine the design options and estimate the costs of connections.
  • Adaptation to fire protection conditions.
  • Proposing a schematic division of apartments / service premises.
  • Calculation of the usable floor area of apartments (PUM)

Materials needed to perform comprehensive analysis:

  • The exact address of the planned investment
  • Plot number, its section, area, current status
  • Base map or base map for design purposes
  • Conditions for Construction or Conditions for Construction and Land Management
  • Local Spatial Development Plan
  • Conditions for connecting utilities
  • Study of conditions and directions of spatial development
  • Geotechnical opinion
  • Extract and map extract from the land registry
In the case of small investments (single-family houses, small residential or service complexes) it is possible to make an analysis based on the Local Spatial Development Plan, Land Development Conditions and the Study of Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development. For larger and more complex investments, we recommend consulting to determine the necessary documents.

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