Author’s Supervision

Project implementation is the most complex stage of interior design, a renovation team and other specialists come to the construction site, whose work often requires external control. We offer our support in the form of author's supervision, ranging from individually priced on-site consultations to full coordination and control over implementation work payable on a monthly basis. During the author's supervision, we are in contact with the persons carrying out the project, we provide clarifications on issues arising in the project on an ongoing basis; in case of executive errors, we search for the best possible solutions, we control the compliance of works with the detailed design, we agree on the possibility of minor changes.
In the turnkey version, we offer extended supervision - we provide and coordinate specialists checked by us, we provide and deliver all materials. This  form of supervision allows the client almost negligible involvement during construction works and certainty that the project will be carried out without additional problems.

    flat to 40m2 from 5.000 plnflat to 100m2 from 10.000 plnflat to 150m2 from 15.000 pln